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Thank You for downloading Tigra Form Validator, You've made the right decision! We did great job to provide you with the best JavaScript Form Validation system available today on the net.

Tigra Form Validator is JavaScript for minimize code efforts a form validation procedures. Offering rich feature set, and great browser compatibility Tigra Form Validator is suitable for any HTML form imaginable so visitors benefit from uniform, intuitive and friendly client side validation..
Basically we collected all the features offered by client side validators and made them easy to manage.
  • Multiple forms per page supported
  • Number of verified form fields is not limited
  • Form fields can be verified to match predefined formats:
    • alphabetic (i.e. full name)
    • alphanumeric (i.e. nickname)
    • unsigned integer
    • integer
    • real (float) number
    • e-mail address
    • phone number (incl. hyphens & dots)
    • date dd-mm-yyyy - (customizable)
    • time hh:mm:ss - (customizable)
  • Relation checks across form fields (i.e. password match)
  • Highlights form field labels on error
  • Prevents multiple submits by blocking specified controls
  • Error reporting via alert box
    • Optional set up error reporting
  • Minimum efforts to set up and maintain
  • All popular browsers supported (compatibility table)
  • Future browser's versions ready
  • The script is free for any applications
  • Demo 1 - Registration Form Validation (various types of form fields to validate)
  • Demo 2 - Login Form Validation (password copies to compare)
Compatibility Table
Tigra Form Validator can work with any browser that supports generic DHTML.
Here is a table of the application compatibility:

Platform Browser
MS IE Netscape Mozilla Opera Safari
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 4.0+ 4.08+ 0.9+ 6.0+ n/a
Mac OS 8/9/X 5.0+ 4.7+ 0.9+ 6.0+ 1.0+

Please inform us on test results with unlisted here browsers.

Support Materials
  • Demos - included in this distribution package to get started instantly
  • Documentation - available online for quick references
  • Forum - great place to discuss your challenges with other users
Need some feature Tigra Form Validator doesn't currently support?
Additional Services
  • Want Tigra Form Validator to work with a server side?
  • Need professional designer to create forms for your site?
  • Need programming task finished yesterday?
  • Find all this programming stuff too complicated?
Contact us with customization request. Typical quotation for script configuration or tuning is $50.-
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We like to hear from you. Please, let us know what do you like about the script and what needs to be improved. We will not rest until our every customer is completely satisfied. Some testimonies may be published on the product page.

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